River Landing coming June 2019!

A River Landing is coming to East Falls!

Much gratitude goes out to all who have supported this project over the years and our funding source, the William Penn Foundation.

In 2014, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission incorporated the East Falls community design priorities into the Lower Northwest Plan. The Plan shows a boat landing on the river above the Falls Bridge, by the parking lot off the Schuylkill River Trail (a connecting street is also in the works).

The boat landing is the highest priority project for the East Falls Riverfront Business District, based on the planning work that went into the Lower Northwest Plan. It is also one of the top five priority projects of the East Park Coalition.

The landing is for human-powered boats only — canoes, kayaks, paddle-boards, etc. It’ll be simple too: just an ADA accessible 160-foot path to the river with a basic “apron” onto the water.

The slope for the landing will act as a retaining wall, but we don’t want it to look like one, so we’re going to use a porous material that will allow ground cover to grow through it. That’ll prevent soil erosion, too. Engineers will cut a path into the existing hillside, and then after a few years it’ll look completely naturalized.

The path itself will be asphalt to resist flood water – we need a surface that won’t be washed away (like cinders or wood chips will). At the river’s edge will be a small concrete ramp with a hard rubber surface that will lead into the water.

Of course we’ll also need “Kayak Crossing” signs along this stretch of the Schuylkill River Trail. And landscaping, maybe some new benches. Phase One is still very much in the “draft” stages — purely a conceptual design.

At this point, we are working our consultants, Urban Engineers, Parks and Recreation and the other stakeholders of this project. We appreciate their continued support and enthusiasm.


The Delaware River Keeper have reviewed the design so we can minimize damage and disruption to nearby trees & root systems in this “riparian zone.” River banks are sensitive ecological areas, providing habitats for ducks, fish, reptiles, birds, and multitudes of beneficial plants & bugs, too.

You can bet we’re not breaking ground until we find a construction firm that’s as “green” as possible, and sensitive to our need to protect our natural environment.

Please contact the East Falls Development Corp. if you have any questions:  215.848.8084.

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