East Falls:  Who

East Fallsers take full advantage of our neighborhood’s prime location and many restauants and eateries.  We enjoy the vast parkland surrounding our neighborhood and frequently father with our friends, family, and neighbors at these locales.  Community organizations and the East Falls Development Corporation are constantly working to make this neighborhood an even better place to live and work.

Increasing population

3% project growth rate over the next five  years – 11,275+

Own vs. Rent

46% own, average rental is 9 years

Median Age: 33

Household income:  $71K

50% College Education

Rising Home Value:  $237,450 median home price





East Falls Development Corporation (EFDC)
EFDC is dedicated to the growth and development of the neighborhood. We foster opportunities within East Falls for sustainable commercial development. We also represent a broad cross section of the East Falls community, including concerned residents, service professionals, business owners, teachers, restaurateurs, and real estate developers. EFDC is here to help both existing and potential residents find their place in East Falls. Whether it is finding a location for a retail establishment or office space, or learning about the opportunities, including tax breaks, for businesses in the area, we are here to assist. In addition, EFDC performs other services. This consists of matching grant money for façade improvement, assisting with navigation of regulatory red tape, including licensing, zoning permits, etc., and discovering solutions for the parking needs of local businesses. We also have the design guidelines for the Riverfront Business District. We maintain this website.
Department of Commerce, Neighborhood Economic Development
The Department of Commerce helps businesses and investers build the City to create jobs and shopping opportunities in the City. They have a Storefront Improvement Program that can get you up to $8,000 in matching funds to improve your storefront. Find out more here: Program Guidelines and Application. The East Falls Development Corporation is here it help you with the paperwork.
Please call the EFDC at (215) 848-8084 or send an email info@eastfallsdevelopment.org.