Check out East Falls’ Big Bellies!!

BigBellies-1-Fallser_000The City of Philadelphia has installed their new solar powered trash cans in East Falls! Thanks to the Commerce Department, there are 8 new trash cans in the area of Ridge and Midvale Avenues. The Big Bellies are good for a number of reasons. First, they will replace the wire basket trash cans that are open at the top, resulting in trash constantly being blown around when the plastic bag gets blown inside out. Second, the Big Bellies hold five times the trash as a wire basket. Third, they are solar powered compacting. Fourth, four of them came with a side-by-side recycle bin. And fifth, they look neater and cleaner and may have the opportunity for a sign on the side. This is one great way that the Commerce Department supports the Riverfront Business District…East Falls and Philly go GREEN!

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