The East Falls Development Corporation is located in Philadelphia, PA and provides community information for East Falls businesses, residents, and visitors, including up-to-date information on East Falls business opportunities, real estate, recreational activities, and bars & restaurants. We have a strong local presence in the neighborhood and directly serve the people who live in the community and people seeking to open businesses or invest in properties in the business corridors. Our office is located in the Riverfront Business District at 4133 Ridge Avenue.

The EFDC places a priority on citizen involvement in the organization as volunteers, members or board members. Our Board of Directors includes residents who are committed to maintaining and living in a great community and people who represent some of the major community organizations. We have several committees dedicated to our mission and consistent with preserving the community’s rich history, beautiful parks, and a strong sense of community. Our work includes events, public promotions, improvement projects, and commercial corridor improvement.

We are here to help you and work with you. East Falls Development Corporation works with investors, developers and small business owners to understand market conditions, promotions, provide them with local demographic information, grant availability, and availability of properties.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns regarding the EFDC or any of its many local community projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kathleen Hogan, Executive Director

East Falls Development Corporation

4133 Ridge Ave., #1 (First Floor)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129

Mission: The East Falls Development Corporation is a non-profit entity dedicated to community-based economic development for the benefit of East Falls.

Governing Body

Heidi Grunwald
Chair of the Board
Director, Institute for Survey Research
Temple University

Julie Haines

Kevin Duffy, CPA
President, FX Duffy & Company

Sharon Jaffe
Principal, WIT Design
Adjunct Professor
Jefferson University

Lindsay Bodin
Project manager
AthenianRazak LLC

Vanessa Williams
Resources for Human Development (RHD) 

Chair, Policy and Procedures

Carolyn Sutton
Owner: Chameleon
Chair, Design Committee

EF Community Council
William Epstein

Geoffrey Cromarty
Jefferson University
Chief Operating Officer & Vice President for Administration

Ina Thomas
Ridge/Allegheny/Hunting Park

Marvina Furlow
Abbotsford Homes Tenant Council, Rep. Seat

John Pack
Director of Property Operations
How Property Management

John Grady
President, PIDC

Jim Multari
Vice President, Retail Experience & Operations

Ronan Gill
RG Group

Douglas Grom
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Joyce Wilkerson
Senior Advisor for Community Relations
Temple University

Greg Curci
Equus Partners

Jasmine Fields
General Manager, Trolley Car Café

John Hawkins
Vice President for City Relations at S.R.Wojdak & Associates

History of the East Falls Development Corporation

The EFDC was formed to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents, businesses, and institutions of the East Falls section of the City of Philadelphia, PA in 1995. It was an idea of the East Falls Business Association, which saw the need for an independent 501C3 and suggested its formation. Most of the EFBA Board served on the first EFDC Board.

Hal and Kitty Commons, Esq. filed the 501c3 not for profit and incorporation and Roberta Ginsburg, then President of the East Falls Business Association, was the Incorporator.

The EFDC’s first Board of Directors: Roberta Ginsburg, President; Julie Camburn, Vice President; Gregory Welsh, Secretary; Alice Reiff, Treasurer, and John Spino, Reverend Doctor Maurice Coombs, Andrea Gilbert, Melvin Johnakin, Cleirach Partin, Dr. Sidney Solofsky, Wydee Chase, John David Franklin, Reverend Tracy Gunderson-Simmons, George Magnatta, William Pride, Chris Schmandt, Scott Dalinka, Hilary Langer, Kathy Petrone, and Margaret Sadler.

Initial funds came from Philadelphia Electric Company, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through State Representative Rosita C. Youngblood, The Medical College of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia through then Councilman Michael A. Nutter. The first undertaking of the EFDC was to conduct a market and parking study for East Falls’ primary business node, the Ridge Ave. Riverfront Business District.